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At Trium Designs believe in doing the right thing, For our customers, For our business and For our employees. We do this by treating people the way we would want to be treated, fairly, honestly, with respect and consideration.

Our Corporate Values

  • In Leadership – Do what’s right, even if it’s tough
  • In Technology – Innovate to push bourdaries for a better world
  • In Collaboration – Leverage our collective genius, be a team
  • In Transparency – Be real
  • In Accountability – Recognize that if it is to be, it’s up to me
  • In Passion – Show commitment in heart and mind
  • In Advocacy – Earn trust and business
  • In Quality – Ensure whatever we do, we do well

Why join us?

Working at Trium Designs means you'll be a part of technological innovation.
Dynamic work environment and a strong sense of community
Working for Trium Designs is about more than your salary. You’ll be a key part of a friendly, diverse team where you’ll learn, grow and contribute every day. New ideas, techniques, and solutions are necessary for exponential growth. Our people collaborate, often in technical forums and communities, to share ideas and insights—finding the best solutions to continually address new challenges.

Technology and innovation
Being a product designing and development firm, we work on designing concepts with a human-centered, design-based approach to help individuals and organizations in the public and private sectors to innovate and grow. At Trium Designs our team gets ample exposure to the latest technologies and tools that are best suited for the future products.

Training and developing future leaders
Formal training, on-the-job learning, and informal mentoring from day one ensure you build the skills you need to meet the demands of the industry.

Career progression
Exciting challenges, exposure to different and new environments, early responsibilities, and ample opportunities for development and growth: this is what it means to work at Trium. Our borderless careers policy means that, based on our business objectives, we’ll actively support your career progression in whichever direction your talents and ambition take you.

Equal opportunities
We value people for their competencies, and, as a company, we encourage fair employment practices and offer equal opportunities to all our employees.

Current Job Openings

Sales Executive

* Job Description :

We are looking for a Sales Representative to be responsible for generating leads and meeting sales goals. Duties will include sales presentations and product demonstrations, as well as negotiating contracts with potential clients.
In order to be successful in this role, you will need to have a deep understanding of the sales process and dynamics, and also superb interpersonal skills. Previous experience in a sales role is an advantage.

* Responsibilities :

- Generating leads.
- Meeting or exceeding sales goals.
- Negotiating all contracts with prospective clients.
- Helping determine pricing schedules for quotes, promotions, and negotiations.
- Preparing weekly and monthly reports.
- Giving sales presentations to a range of prospective clients.
- Coordinating sales efforts with marketing programs.
- Understanding and promoting company programs.
- Obtaining deposits and balance of payment from clients.
- Preparing and submitting sales contracts for orders.
- Visiting clients and potential clients to evaluate needs or promote products and services.
- Maintaining client records.
- Answering client questions about credit terms, products, prices and availability.

* Skills :

- Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, economics or related field.
- Experience in sales.
- Understanding of the sales process and dynamics.
- A commitment to excellent customer service.
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
- Superb interpersonal skills, including the ability to quickly build rapport with both customers and suppliers.
- Experience using computers for a variety of tasks.
- Competency in Microsoft applications including Word, Excel, and Outlook.
- Able to work comfortably in a fast paced environment.

Unity3D Developer

* Job Description :

We are seeking developers responsible for building AR and VR apps for various target platforms based on the Unity framework. Your primary responsibilities will be to implement app functionality translating design ideas, concepts, and requirements into a functional and highly performant AR/VR app. A commitment to collaborative problem solving, sophisticated design, and a quality product are essential.

* Responsibilities :

- Implement app functionality as per communicated design
- Translate design specification into functional app
- Communicate and collaborate with other team members to establish effective pipeline and integrate media assets
- Design, build, and maintain efficient, modular, reusable, and reliable code
- Ensure the best possible performance, quality, and responsiveness of app
- Identify bottlenecks and bugs, and devise solutions to address and mitigate these problems
- Help maintain code quality, organization, and automatization

* Skills :

- Excellent knowledge of Unity, including experience with scripting, textures, animation, GUI styles, and user session management
- Experience with Augmented Reality tools and SDKs
- Familiarity with level design and planning
- Experience with game physics and particle systems
- Experience with mobile app development
- Experience optimizing memory and space usage for support of older hardware
- Ability to constantly learn and stay in touch with evolving game standards and development technologies
- Strong understanding of object oriented programming
- Familiarity with current design and architectural patterns
- Love for writing clean, readable, and easily maintainable code
- Proficient knowledge of code versioning tools (like Git, SVN, or Mercurial)
- Prior experience with a well known mobile titles or AAA titles are a significant asset
- Experience with other 3D softwares is a plus
- Experience with Networking in Unity is a plus

3D Character Modeler

* Job Description :

We have an open position for a 3D Character Modeler. As a 3D Character Modeler you will be responsible for creating character models and related assets. You will be breathing life into sketches and concept art. You will be working in a team with developers, engineers and project managers. You must be well versed with industry standard 3D modeling programs and tools. Good spatial skills and a well honed sense of color and design will help you succeed in this job.

* Responsibilities :

- Create and manage digital assets
- Interpret concept art and sketches to create virtual characters and related assets
- Follow design guidelines, asset naming conventions and other technical constraints
- Prototype and iterate on models and characters based on feedback from team members
- Create textures and UV maps
- Optimize, refine and correct model geometry
- Rig models and characters for animation
- Work with artists, animators and programmers to execute projects on time
- Keep abreast with the latest developments in 3D design, capture and modeling tools and technologies

* Skills :

- Good knowledge of modern modeling packages and techniques
- Ideally 3D Max, Blender and Unity is acceptable for some projects
- Highly competent in UV unwrapping and achieving appropriate texel density
- Confident sculpting ability in Blender / Zbrush
- Can efficiently create low poly models
- Polyflow is clean and is animation ready
- Strong understanding of material definitions and industry standard texture creation techniques and software:
- Ability to texture in Blender, Substance Painter or similar software
- Competent in high res to low res baking (this includes all relevant maps, not just normals)
- Basic knowledge of integrating into a commercial game engine:
- Unreal or Unity knowledge preferred, but any previous knowledge is helpful
- A solid understanding of game engine mesh and texture requirements
- Strong anatomy knowledge
- An eye for detail
- Able to work with minimal concepts to complete assets
- Able to adapt to many different art styles
- Can work autonomously in between critiques and reviews.
- Portfolio reflects a good balance of hard surface and organic modeling/sculpting.
- If interested, please apply and be sure and include a link to your reel and samples.

General Submission

Trium Designs is a growing tech designing startup. Our work tends to require a variety of job opportunities in house as well as online.

If you are unsure on what opportunity with us may best suite you or a relevant job opportunity is not listed here, then please submit a general submission. A general submission may land you a relevant opportunity according to your candidate profile and our team will get in touch with you on requirement.

Apply to work with us